About the Artist

I'm a conceptual composite photographer and digital mixed media artist. I blend the worlds between dreams and reality, between who we think we are and who we have the potential to be. I'm currently experimenting with mixed media and alternative processing to bring an added sense of whimsy to an already dreamlike world.

Art is a way of exploring human psychology and the subconscious patterns that ripple throughout our experience. It’s a way of pulling back the veil and exploring the deep, rich inner world of authenticity, belonging, and connection.

Fine art photography has been a form of self-exploration, though I'm not tied to photography as an art form. It was just the tool I had when I needed it, and I've grown to love the medium and the worlds that can be brought to life through it.

My self-portraiture journey began during a difficult time when I needed to understand the emotions I was feeling. Creating was a way to process, it was a way to acknowledge my reality and to heal. I didn't have words, but I had images. So I used the language I had to express what words could not. My art is a form of visual journaling.

I fight for hope in the hard places in between, believing brokenness can lead to greater clarity and healing. My faith also plays a role: I believe in a God who loves us and desires good for us, who strengthens us through the trials as we continually seek Him.

This is the in between. This is the world that unveils our deep inner longing for more, as we wrestle with life in a world where we don’t belong.

❧ Amarie

Instagram: @hopelightconceptual

Clubhouse: @hopelightimages