Battle With Imposter Syndrome

Battle With Imposter Syndrome

Sealed within my own glass coffin. The echo chamber grows. All I hear are the voices rattling around inside my mind.

Last week was a rough week battling imposter syndrome. It's easy to get caught in my head and spin on doubts and fears, wondering if it's worth creating or if there's anything original in me at all.

These may not be particularly healthy thoughts, but they are common. Particularly when comparisons begin to creep in.

I'm fortunate in having some trusted friends who can speak truth into these struggles. I've had some really good conversations with creative friends who have been struggling with similar things.

We need a community to ground us in reality, and bring us back to clarity. We need people who relate to the thoughts we're having and feelings we're experiencing. Sometimes all we need is to know we're not alone.

Our spinning thoughts can prevent us from connecting with others, they keep us isolated in our own minds, until they convince us to give up, or just drive us mad. But I've often found that reaching out and sharing with others is exactly what's needed to break through the glass.