Be A Beginner

Be A Beginner

A couple weeks ago, I began to follow a rigid schedule. I'll probably write about this experience sometime soon, but one of the things I've realized through following this schedule is that I need to make time to be a beginner again.

And so, that's what I'm doing.

I've gotten into a creative rut. Creating the way I normally do is too easy, it's lost its appeal. Which has lead to not creating as much.

To put it more directly, I've become bored with myself and, as a result, have lost the enthusiasm I once had for creating conceptual/composite work.

I have go-to patterns and default ways of creating. I think this often happens when you're doing something for long enough. I so often approach creating composites from the perspective of conceptual self-portraiture. It's good in so many ways, and yet, I'm missing out on everything it could be.

So I'm going back to YouTube, looking into other courses, and pursuing a photo manipulation approach to compositing. There will likely be digital art and painting thrown into the mix. I'm curious about sculpting. And I want to start making more props and costumes for my creations. There's so much I need to learn.

One thing's for certain: learning helps us find a new perspective.

I've already found so many new ideas!

I'm making time to evaluate art in a broader sense, and intentionally brainstorming new pieces and concepts. There are multiple individual images to create, along with several series ideas.

But they require prep work. And I can't do that to the best of my ability until I set down what was, and step into what could be.

So I'm choosing to be a beginner. It's an exciting place to be.