How do you feel about change? Love it or hate it, change happens to all of us. This was my last image from Brooke Shaden’s Content Creation Challenge last year. When I finished this composite, I asked myself: what if this is the last image I ever create?

That question has been subtly playing in the back of my mind ever since. With each new image I create, what if this is the last?

This idea might seem scary, or sad, or anything anywhere in between, but to me, this question has brought great peace and a new awareness to the art I create.

With every image, if this is my last, I want it to be the best I’ve ever created. If this is the last, I want to improve from the one before.

I know that even if I go through dry spells, or slow times, photography is just a part of me and a part of my life. I will never be done creating, but looking at things in a new way, knowing that things could always change, has really helped put my creativity and the creative process into perspective.

Change can be painful, but it can also bring about a beautiful new transformation when we don’t resist it but allow our lives to grow in whatever direction God has for us.