Emotional Beginning

Emotional Beginning

I create first and foremost for myself. Is it selfish? Perhaps. Yet art and creating have been so instrumental in my healing.

When I began creating conceptual work it came from an overflow of emotion. I was flooded more often than not and the images I made were depictions of those emotions. When my creations weren’t a result of those tumultuous emotions, they were images that came to my mind without much conscious thought or intentional meaning.

I’ve struggled through my art journey to find a purpose to my work that extends beyond my own psychological exploration or personal curiosity. I’ve wondered if that’s enough. If my work counts, so to speak, to anyone beyond myself. I’ve felt like a fraud.

When I wrestle with fears of failure, it’s less about the work itself and more about whether there’s value in sharing it.

There’s a connection we find through creating. With ourselves, others, and even God. The pursuit of this connection has motivated me to create, and to share. Though I’m not sure it’s always been healthy.

In saying all this, I’m not saying that creativity always comes from a negative place or personal struggles, though that is a place I often came from at the beginning of my conceptual journey. But through healing, and through art, I’ve come to a healthier place where the exploration is more for the sake of creativity and it comes from a place of joy.

I can’t pretend to have the answers to struggles in life. I can’t pretend that art is the only relevant tool for healing. But I can say that sitting with oneself in the depths of emotional turmoil, and exploring it through a lens of creativity, can bring us to a place of deeper insight, awareness, and peace.

And that is what I would like to share with others.

My aim is to explore psychological realms, uncover subconscious realities, and bring a new awareness to eternal truth.

How about you? Why did you start creating? Has your purpose in creating evolved over time?