Empty My Hands

Empty My Hands

We so often have a tendency to try to hold onto things from our pasts and fear frequently takes center stage of our refusal to let go. I've found these three things are most often at the core.

  1. Fear of being displaced.

  2. Fear of emptiness and loss.

  3. Fear of losing ourselves.

We only fear losing things we’re not secure in. When we know where we stand and where we belong, there isn’t fear of letting go because we know that our place doesn’t depend on us clinging and holding on. We’re not really the ones in control. And that’s a good thing.

Do we focus on the past and the things we lose, or on the future and the things we gain? We can’t embrace the future if our hands are full holding the past. We don’t really have what we’re not willing to let go because even if we have the illusion of having something, we don’t believe it’s ours while we have it.

We’re always changing and evolving. Yes, we lose who we were, that will happen whether we hold on or release control, the difference is whether our hands are empty and ready to embrace and receive whatever’s coming next. We’re always in the process of becoming who we are.

A caterpillar crawls into a cocoon, turns to a pile of goo, and emerges as a butterfly. Still the same creature, yet fundamentally changed. Yet can you say at any stage that it didn’t have the DNA of a butterfly? Different stages are there for a reason.

Don’t resent where you are, and also don’t refuse to move forward. Don’t cling to who you were; step bravely into becoming who you have the potential to be.

A loose grip and willingness to change, releasing everything, allows us stand securely. What’s meant to stay will stay; let the rest drift away.


“My hands like locks on cages of these dreams I can't set free

But if I let these dreams die

If I lay down all my wounded pride

If I let these dreams die

Will I find, that letting go lets me come alive?”