Day One | Home Photography Challenge

Day One | Home Photography Challenge

Welcome to day one of our home photography challenge! 😊

Today's challenge is an exercise my manager at the portrait studio would have me do during down times when we didn't have clients.

Choose a prop to photograph and place it in a clear space where you can move freely around it.

After you decide where to place your object, don't move it again until you're done with the exercise.

Now try to take as many unique photos as you can. Move yourself, move your camera, just make sure your object stays in place.

When you think you've gotten as many unique angles and perspectives as you can, take a look through your photos. Do you see any other possibilities you missed? If so, go ahead and take those too.

This exercise is designed to challenge your perspective and help you see things in a new way.

Tag #hopelightcreatives if you share your photos on Instagram so we can support each other.

Happy creating! 😊 I'll see you for day two!