HopeLight Creatives

HopeLight Creatives

"In this time of desperation, When all we know is doubt and fear…"

It’s been a crazy couple weeks. As I’ve thought and processed about what’s going on, I’ve had moments questioning the value of art. Somehow it seems smaller and less significant. And yet, I’ve realized, the world needs art now more than ever.

Our creativity is how we connect, it’s how we process, feel, and relate. It can convey hopes and fears and provide comfort in ways that nothing else could.

You don't have to be alone in your isolation. We can still connect online even in the midst of social distancing.

So for everyone who wants chase creativity, I've created a group for us to connect with our art and each other and share in each other’s creative journeys.

We can still create.

We can still inspire.

We can still explore the worlds in our minds.

We can still imagine and dream.

We can still hope.

We can still be the light.

Sign up to get your invite to the group by clicking here. 😊

"When all is dark, You help us see. There is only one salvation. We believe, We believe."