We’re all looking for a place to belong. Who am I? Who will I be? Am I good enough? Are we really who we say we are, who others believe us to be?

Imposter syndrome is very real and active in many of our lives. How can we know where we fit in when we’re not fully sure of who we really are? How do we respond when we know we could ever measure up to the seemingly picture perfect lives of those around us?

We compare, then diminish our worth, sometimes withdrawing even further into our shroud of insecurity, judging ourselves far more harshly than anyone else ever would. Afraid of reaching out, afraid to be seen. What would others think?

Do we all share a common connection beneath the masks we all too frequently wear?

Are we all just lost in hiding? Our lives consumed by the ever changing blur of a world that moves too fast.

We look for identity in all the wrong things. It isn’t found in what we do, our fears, our failures, our insecurities, and neither is it defined by who the world thinks we are or what it wants us to be, but in the transformation and truth that can only be found in Christ. We can rest securely knowing that the mask is removed, the veil is torn.

Who we pretended to be can no longer mask our true identity, the mask is no longer who we are. We are no longer in hiding, but fully seen and fully redeemed, knowing right where we belong, ever growing into who we were always meant to be.