January Creation Challenge | Week 2

January Creation Challenge | Week 2

How do you define success?

I’m of the opinion that success is something that changes based on our current season or area of life we’re evaluating.

Success looks different at different times and in different seasons. One person's success doesn't necessarily match another's.

As I look over the images I've created this week, I'm filled with mixed emotions. It's been a rough week and I feel this week's creations reflect that. I don't like that it affects me creatively, but it does.

It can be hard to find the motivation to create when your personal life is a bit crazy. But showing up is a choice and I'm thankful that the issues I've been facing have still allowed me that choice. I know that's a privilege and I don't take it for granted.

It isn't always easy to create. Some days the ideas won't show up, and other days the motivation to pursue them just doesn't exist.

I really dislike 3 of my 7 images this week. In normal circumstances I would never show them publicly. And yet, failed pieces are still part of the creative journey.

That said, I'm also highlighting the 4 images I do like.

This challenge isn’t about creating perfect or meaningful art. It’s about creating regardless of outcome.

Success for me this week meant showing up.

So I’m here.

And if you need this reminder today, just know it’s okay to create, and fail, and get back up to try again.