Little Moments

Little Moments

The scent of old autumn hung in the air and mingled with spring as I walked down the Northampton bike path. I love days like this. Not too hot or too cold, like Goldilocks when she found baby bear’s bed—it was just right, and far too perfect to resist.

So many people were out today, I suppose they had the same idea, get outside and enjoy the fresh air before we’re hit with more snow.

Actually, if I’m being honest, the real reason I was out was because I’ve been dabbling in video. And when I say dabbling I mean I just today used the video option on my camera for the very first time… and wanted to have something to work with this evening.

I saw so many little things we could often miss, squirrels scurrying around, leaves dancing across the pavement, twigs waiting to bloom and bouncing in the breeze. I met a woman in the parking lot on my way back home right after I snapped the image above. She showed interest in what I was doing, and asked for a copy. A moment sooner or later, and that interaction would have never been.

Life is a series of moments strung together, everything a domino effect that allows everything else that follows to happen in the right order and in the right time. So today I’m thankful for these little snippets I get to live and observe, and for a moment of light illuminating the trees against the beautiful blue of a cloudless sky.

P.S. Soon I’ll be sharing more of my inspiration on Instagram and on the blog, that way I can keep just composite art on my conceptual Instagram account and share more behind the scenes.