Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

I’ve been doing a lot of writing this week. Lots of sketching and planning. Several new projects that I’m really excited to start working on... Venturing into new territory and I have a lot to learn.

It’s scary and exciting to be a beginner. I intend to take the time needed to allow these projects to grow and develop, and there’s a lot of preparation I need to do. Research, studying, and classes. Plus costumes and props I need to make or buy.

I think sometimes we expect the process to go quickly, but often it takes time to build, nurture, and grow.

I don’t always post when I have a lot going on. So I’m planning to write captions for several images I haven’t yet posted so I can still connect with all of you. Hopefully that will keep me more on top of things.

I have such a huge backlog of blog posts though that I still haven’t shared... Maybe someday I’ll get around to organizing them all.