Reaching For Milestones

Reaching For Milestones

The other day I realized that I was just 8 images away from my most productive conceptual image creation year yet. Since then I've created 2 more. So only 5 left to meet it, 6 left to exceed it.

It's a big deal to me. Not only because I enjoy creating, but because of knowing where I've been through it all. And, given how the rest of the year has gone, the prospect of exceeding past creation abilities is really exciting!

I've also felt worn out at times. My production level has been lower the past two years. Last year, I only created 33 images. 2019 was a tough year personally, and it took a toll on my work.

I'm looking forward to looking back on this year's creations. Not through the lens of what 2020 has been, but to look and observe, to see what patterns and themes subconsciously emerged? Did they line up with what was going on in the world? In my own life? Or was it something different entirely?

There are several images left partially finished. I plan to work on them, yet give them the time they need to come together. I'm also considering going through old work and unfinished edits and possibly editing those.

The next two weeks are pretty busy for me, but after that, if I haven't surpassed my goal, I'm thinking about doing another image week, or maybe even creation month.

This year I've had 3 new series ideas, 2 of them in this past month. I've begun working on 2 of them, my Watercolor World series as well as a series based on Jung's concept of the self. I have another one exploring emotions that might have to be put off until a time when the weather is more cooperative and I'm able to find the locations I need.

And with that, I want to learn how to step forward. Hold onto the good, let things breathe and take the time they need to develop and come together, and then move on to the next thing.

There are some other concepts I've been wanting to play with the past couple years and just haven't yet. I'm looking forward to exploring those. I'd also like to do some holiday/Christmas images this year. I've only done one real Christmasy image in the past, and I'd like to do more.

Then there's deciding what to post considering I have over 30 images waiting to be shared and am still creating more and would also like to transition to sharing more seasonal images.

Sometimes I feel like I'm just stumbling and falling behind. But sometimes it's necessary to take a step back, reevaluate, then consciously move forward.