Do you ever just need a reset?

We take one step after the other, not always certain of where the path will lead, but knowing with certainty that there’s hope in the broken places in between as we wrestle through to the other side.

There are seasons where creativity comes easily, and times that it’s a struggle. And then there are those calm and peaceful moments of rest that leave us feeling hopeful and inspired, excited for the possibilities that lie ahead.

This year feels like one giant reset.

Everything’s shifting.

I’m re-evaluating much of my creative work as well as my approach. So many projects are beginning to come together. I’m intentionally allowing some things to be set aside so others can be given more time.

It isn’t always easy, yet parts of it are very exciting.

This week I’ve taken an unexpected break from writing and editing. Getting a new computer set up, my old one is dismantled, and I still don’t have some cables I need in order to edit.

So I’ve taken some rest and grounded myself in my environment. And it’s felt so good! I didn’t realize how much I needed it.

Are you feeling the need for a reset? What changes are happening for you and your creativity this year?