Stories bring us to other places, our once-dull world now brought to life through the wanderings of our minds. Whether in books, or in dreams, or something else entirely, creativity inspires a more innocent part of us, a part that is filled with curiosity. It opens the ability to explore with childlike wonder once again.

How many worlds have been forgotten before they’ve had the chance to be penned? How many worlds have faded away as the child grows into the outside world and away from their own imagination? I want to capture this world and preserve the stories that would otherwise never be told.

Dreams ought to be encouraged. Composite photography allows us to make the invisible seen, and the dreams that might otherwise fade become a fairytale preserved in time.

More conceptual photography can be seen on Instagram .

If you have a story you’d like to tell, I’d love to help bring it to life. Email me at and we can start our collaboration.