Summer is surprisingly demotivating.

I guess it’s not all too surprising. Creating conceptual pieces in summer means carrying around props and equipment in the heat, changing dresses in the buggy woods, being watched by other people who are out hiking or exploring, and sitting at the computer to edit. I've enjoyed it in the past, but this year I'm just not feeling into it. Summer is for days spent intentionally outside, reading in the park, or writing by the water.

Conceptual self-portraiture is just one form of creativity among many. But I've often valued it above other forms, which then limits my own creative exploration and alters my view of myself as a creative. It's a mindset issue I'm working to overcome.

My focus has been on writing: working on my creativity book, creative writing projects, and toying with some ideas for children’s books. I can’t pretend that I’m very good at these things yet, but learning is a process.

Photography has taken a back seat. It’s become a bit lackluster lately. I think for far too long I tried to conform myself to a box I made for myself. And now, the photography projects I’m moving toward require studio set ups, rather than outdoor locations.

I’m more and more drawn to just being present in my environment. You could say that I’m struggling with motivation and inspiration, and that feels true to some degree. Yet it might simply be a season of expanding, exploration, and presence.