The Role of Old Work

The Role of Old Work

Do our images stand up over time?

I find that some do and some don't. Looking back at my work from 2017, or even 2018, I'm shocked at how bad even my "good" composites are. There are a few that hold up, but most of them don't.

Then it got me thinking, sometimes we wait for things to be perfect. We wait for the right time, the right following, the right season, etc. But in doing so, as long as we're still growing and learning, we grow beyond where we were and miss the opportunity to share the way we could have if we had spoken that message while we had it.

I don't want to regret not sharing things when they fit where I was at. I fully intend to continue to grow in my craft. I haven't reached my limit, and I'm going to keep learning and keep growing through this process.

At some point, I know the work I'm producing now will eventually feel the same.

With this in mind, I've decided to share some (old) pieces that I don't think hold up to my current standards. These images may not be part of my portfolio that I'd show professionally, but they are still a part of my journey.

This image was created a year ago, and was actually an outtake for another concept that didn't come together. There's a freedom in creating simply, without reaching for perfection.

As I looked back over some old work last night I noticed ideas and concepts that I'd forgotten. Although I didn't feel I pulled them off at the time, I see things now that could make for stronger images. Recreating some old pieces or concepts might be another project to work on soon.

It made me feel thankful for those steps in my journey, excited to create, newly inspired by my past self, and thankful I didn't give into the fear or discouragement and stop creating.

So if you're feeling discouraged by your work right now, that's okay. Keep creating and learn along the way. There are good things on the other side.

How do you feel looking back at your old work?