Validate Sharing Art

Validate Sharing Art

Do you struggle to validate your art? Do you struggle to give weight or value to the work you create? Do you struggle to justify the time you spend creating?

I haven't often struggled with the validation of art in isolation. Creativity matters. Art matters. Creating always has value.

And yet, when it comes to sharing, I have trouble acknowledging the purpose. Maybe it's that I've lost sight of any purpose I once had. Maybe it's that the social media landscape has changed so much that it no longer feels worthwhile.

I've seen so many other artists fall away from their craft. And I'm afraid I may be doing the same.

There's a disillusionment that's riddled with fear when reaching this place.

I create because I need to, I want to, and I enjoy the process. In some ways, sharing almost seems to diminish the value of art to me. Maybe because I can think of it as sacred when it just exists within me, and with me, and in the moment of creation. Opening it up to the world requires a releasing, it's no longer just mine. It's shared with everyone else.

And that holds value, for sure, don't get me wrong. But I don't think there's anything wrong with selfish art or creation.

Creativity matters. It has value because it exists. It doesn't need justification.

But putting it out there for others, it feels to me like I need an excuse.

And this is where I need to capture, once again, a sense of childlike wonder and excitement.

Children share their artwork with the people around them because they're excited about it, proud of it, because art is a form of connection with oneself and way of connecting with others.

Sharing our creation is openly and vulnerably sharing one's heart.

And this is where I need a shift in focus.

Art is like visual journaling. And maybe it's time to embrace that.