Week of Weak Images | Day 2

Week of Weak Images | Day 2

Day 2 of my week of weak images, and this was day 2 of my current challenge.

The concept behind this wasn't fully fleshed out when I started editing. I find that concepts are stronger when I have a pretty decent idea of what I'm going for when I start out and leave room for adjusting along the way. Both sides of planning and improvising are important to my creative process.

This image is loosely symbolic of death and loss. The stillness when time has run out. Endings bringing about new beginnings, though at times we can feel trapped or cut off from the good things that come.

The girl in this doesn't line up quite right for me. The pose is a bit stiff, it was meant to be solemn, but I don't feel it communicates that very clearly. It could also use more shadows and better blending. This image probably could have worked better without the girl.

I find the window reflections on the hourglass very distracting, and if I were to do it again, would probably edit them out. I'd also like to add more shadow where the base of the hourglass rests on the counter/background.

This image was a bit haphazard for me, but I'd like to explore the concepts in a more thoughtful way in the future.

Do you tend to plan your images, or create as you go?