Week of Weak Images | Day 7

Week of Weak Images | Day 7

It's the final day of sharing some "unpostable" images with you.

The biggest thing I'd change about this image is the blending between the foreground tree roots and the forest. It just wasn't blended as smoothly as I know it can be.

The pink can be a bit intense, but it was intentional. Although I would like to change the girl's hair color so it doesn't merge into the surroundings as much as it does.

The bottom and left side of the frame would benefit from being darkened a bit to draw the focus in toward the girl. Adding some more directional light and changing the light on the girl would also help.

There's actually a lot I like about this image, and I'd like to make some of these adjustments.

Which was your favorite from this week? Do you agree with my critiques?