Who are we?

Who are we?

Who are we? Beneath the projections, the images, the masks... How many layers do we peel back when we show people who we are? Are we shrouded in illusions, claiming the mirage to be our true identity?

How can we be real with others if we don't even know ourselves?

This week I've started working on a new series about the self. I've created three images so far. I'm not sure they'll all be used in the final series, but it's been interesting to create.

The beginning of quarantine was incredibly inspiring for me. The past few months have taken a different tone and I've struggled in some ways creatively: boredom with myself and my ideas, feeling like nothing came together the way I hoped it would, feeling drained of new ideas and the motivation to make anything at all.

Then, this week, on the first day of fall, I went out to a field by a cemetery to shoot. Since then I've completed 6 images and started a couple more. It feels so good to feel excited to create again!

It's all gotten me thinking... Who are we behind the worlds we create? How many layers do we peel back before we finally reveal what's real?